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Cylix™ Hybrid

The Cylix™ Hybrid Cylinder features Pneumatic or Hydraulic Valve Gate Actuation in a thermally controlled system mounted directly to the manifold.

With the addition of Hydraulic actuation, the Cylix is now capable of high closing force making it suitable for high glass filled applications and large shot, thick wall applications that require longer cycle times.

Cylix is compatible with MX, BX and TX nozzle ranges and includes pin sizes ranging between Ø2.0, Ø2.5, Ø3.0 & Ø5.0.

Ideal for Small to Medium Automotive, Medium to Large Appliances and Large Part Electrical Applications  

With the ability to adjust valve pin height and incorporating long life seals, it is the optimal solution for precise control of your moulding requirements.




Technical Information

Product Information

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