Simplify Your Production, Deliver Quality Parts and Save Time and Money on Product Assembly with Mastip's Multi-Material Systems.

Multi-material systems (also referred to as multi-shot, 2k and bi-material) produce parts consisting of two or more materials that are moulded together within the same moulding machine, during the same process, to form a single part.

Mastip has extensive experience in supplying solutions for multi-material and multi-colour applications. Whether it is over moulding soft grips or different colours on single part, Mastip has the technology and technical expertise to develop the right multi-material hot runner solution for your needs. 

From simple high cavity plastic packaging to technically advanced components such as structural and engineering parts for the automotive industry, incorporating Mastip's multi-material systems into your mould can simplify your production, deliver quality parts and save you time and money on your product assembly.

View our latest brochure below as we take a closer look at our experience with multi-material applications.

Mastip in Focus - Multi-Material Moulding


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