MetiCom Temperature Controllers

The MetiCom range of Temperature Controllers are CE approved, high quality, reliable control systems that are flexible, easy to set up and simple to operate. Designed to work under strict conditions, the MetiCom range offers password-protected access levels, simple and intuitive programming allowing multiple saved setups to enable quick and simple changes. Expanding on our current range of controllers we have recently introduced new Modular (TM10, TM20), Integrated (CIS-1, CIS-2) and Touchscreen Models (CTI).

Modular Temperature Controllers

MetiCom TM10 & TM20

The TM range offers simple, user friendly units that are compatible with most leading hot runner brands. TM10 is available with an LED display, while the TM20 has an LCD Display and also offers future proof technology of RS485 communication.

Both units are designed as a closed-loop power distributor and temperature controlling system, proving users with premium temperature control capabilities.

TM10/TM20 incorporate heavy duty connectors (rated 10A or 16A), used to connect with the mold by mold-power and thermocouple cables. Other features include built-in cooling fans, circuit breakers and power input cable. Neon indicators illuminate after power on. There is a comprehensive warning system to include fuse blowout, over load, thermocouple open/reverse, temperature, heater fault, high load etc.

Meticom TC5H

With a simple, stackable design, recessed handles and built-in circuit breakers, the TC5H cabinets accommodates from 2 to 12 Zones or can be customised to suit specific configurations. The Mastip Module cards are designed for flexibility and are interchangeable with most cabinet brands. 

Mastip can supply cards only for existing cabinets or complete units for any configuration. The TC5H has a fan built-in and can quickly alternate between 230v/380v power input. Multiple operating modes including Normal, parameter and Alarm allow users to edit and save custom parameters.

Integrated Temperature Controllers

CIS Series

MetiCom Integrated Controllers include CIS-1 (3 digit red LED PV) and CIS-2 (4 digit green LED SV). Both models feature over-voltage protection and extensive warning alarms including fuse blowout, overload, thermocouple, temperature and heater fault.

Touchscreen Temperature Controllers

CTI Series

The CTI controller series has 3 different models of mainframes depending on the number of zones required. These include CTI-100 (max zones 32), CTI-200 (max zones 80), and CTI-300 (max zones 120).

All the mainframes utilize the same temperature control module CTI-M2, and the same sequential valve gate control module CTI-V2.

Access to all user serviceable parts, such as fuses, are done through the front of the controller by loosening the upper and lower screws on each heat sink and removing the modules. The connectors for the mold-power and thermocouple cables, and the connectors for valve gate control cables, are located at the rear of the mainframe.

TC5 Series

The TC5 Touchscreen series consists of the TC5100 and TC5200.

TC5100 accommodates 12 to 36 zones, while the TC5200 has 26 to 72 zones and can accommodate up to 120 zones in a network.

The modularized design allows for easy maintenance and configuration.

MetiCom TC5100/5200 controllers incorporate easy-to-use navigation with color touch screens and module memory settings (internal and external USB drive) that allow injection moulders to conveniently save settings for quick tool changes. The graphical user interface (GUI), along with an adjustable angle screen, allows for easy adoption and fast set up of the multi-point controller.

Both the TC5100 and the TC5200 systems offer password-protected access levels to prevent system content errors by always making sure the right user gets to interact with the right content and information.