How Mastip is Meeting Future Trends in the Automotive Industry

Future Light-Weighting Solution

The future trends of light-weighting and electrification feature prominently in automotive designs with polymers, especially engineering and high-performance polymers, considered the best alternative to metal due to their superior mechanical and chemical properties.

To further enhance part performance, polymers are typically modified with reinforced fillers and flame retardants like glass fibres and carbon fibres. For example, many under-the-hood automotive parts are adapted with reinforced nylon, such as engine brackets and intake manifolds. However, abrasive fillers bring the risk of rapid wear on the hot runner making the injection moulding process more challenging.

With over 30 years’ experience processing abrasive and corrosive applications, Mastip developed the G5 Carbide Tip range. G5 tips are offered with an industry-leading 5 year warranty covering normal wear and tear associated with processing reinforced polymers. This enables injection moulders to greatly reduce spare part and service costs and gain a competitive advantage in the automotive market.

Global Support Empowers your Post-pandemic JIT Manufacturing

For the automotive industry, applying JIT manufacturing requires a seamless supply chain. Any defective parts or part shortage may create unplanned downtime, interrupt automatic production, and increase the cost of continuous production.

Mastip delivers solutions in over 40 countries via our subsidiary operations and partners in the USA, Europe, Vietnam, and China and have an effective global support network for our customers. In addition to our current footprint, Mastip recently expanded a 3000 sqm Manufacturing Facility in China which is fully operational. The new manufacturing facility was established to increase our capacity to support our global customers.

The past two years have been very turbulent for manufacturing industries. To reassure our automotive customers, Mastip spare part centres have increased our stock levels to minimise the risk of part shortage and production disruption.

Cosmetic Gate Quality for the Premium Car Parts

As the future consumer trend moves toward premium cars, the aesthetic quality of the vehicles becomes more essential for the car makers. For interior and exterior moulding parts, gate quality directly impacts the visual impression to the consumers.

Valve Gate Systems are the optimal solution for eliminating gate vestige, consistently producing fast cycle times with parts of exceptional surface quality. Mastip offers a wide range of valve gated solutions suitable for automotive applications including the Nexus™ Pre-Assembled Systems. Nexus™ Systems are a complete turn-key solution for quick and simple installation and incorporate the advanced leak protection of FlowLoc™ threaded nozzles and Cylix™ hybrid actuators.  

Solutions for Recycled Polymers

Recycled and Biopolymers are becoming commonly used in the automotive industry to meet consumers’ sustainability trends.

Some of those polymers are more sensitive than virgin polymers to processing temperatures. They require hot runner systems to provide the best thermal balance and avoid heat-sensitive materials becoming trapped in the flow channel.

Without an optimised hot runner system, processing recycled and biopolymers may expose the risk of polymer degradation leading to black spots visible on the product.

For heat-sensitive polymer applications, Mastip adopts a special design and manufacturing process on the manifolds with unique deviation plugs ensuring smooth melt transition. In addition, easy maintenance clip-on cap insulators prevent the gate well from heat-sensitive polymers. This systematic approach provides customers with the precise cavity-to-cavity conformity resulting in exceptional Automotive part quality.

Application Details

Material: PPS (FR) GF 60%
Weight: 8.6g    Part Size: 100 x 21 x 12mm
Number of Cavities: 8 

* Corrosion Resistant Solution
* Stable Production for the Extremely Different Material

Mastip Solutions
* Nozzle Selection: MX16095 Tipless Nut
* Gate Style: Indirect
* Manifold Type: 4 drops, 2 x 2, Stainless Steel

Application Details

Material: PEEK 40% Carbon (RTP)
Weight (g): 2 Part Size (mm): 30x30 x30
Wall Thickness (mm): 1.5

Mastip Solutions
Nozzle Selection: SXYCN 19055N3                                                                                  
Number of Drops:  2 Cycle Time: 20 sec
Gate Style: Thermal Gate, Open Gate

Application Details

Material: PA6    Weight: 2g

Customer Requirement
* Cold Runner Conversion
* Improved Part Quality
* Improved Cycle Time

Mastip Solutions
96 Cavity hot runner

Application Details

Raw Material: PMMA
Part Weight: 40g ( Part 1 – 35g, Part 2 - 15g)
Thickness: 2.5mm   Drop No: 1+1
Part Size: 33.6 (H) x 123.2 (L) mm

Mastip Solutions
2 Drop Multi Material Valve Gate System
Nozzle Details: BXGV27115+CG5, BXGV27130+CG5